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Being ‘merely’ compliant is probably adequate, but what company wants to be just adequate?  However, coming to a consensus about ethics is a delicate alchemy, combining an artful blend of rules, explanations and procedures in order to gain traction with employees and management alike. In the not-so-distant past, there may have been a more rigid […]

When considering a new equipment provider or vendor, it pays to look at the big picture.  And the big picture suggests that we are inevitably creeping towards a super device that does it all.  Remember the ‘old days’ where you may have had a Palm to track your calendar, a camera to snap photos, an […]

Deciding when to hire an attorney is sometimes easy- if you are being sued or find yourself in jail, for instance.  However, there are often grey areas where you need to determine your appetite for risk, the nature of the threats you face, and whether you prefer risk prevention or damage reaction.  As an analogy, […]