The All-In-One Device; Beware Obsolescence

But wait...there's more!!
But wait...there's more!!

When considering a new equipment provider or vendor, it pays to look at the big picture.  And the big picture suggests that we are inevitably creeping towards a super device that does it all.  Remember the ‘old days’ where you may have had a Palm to track your calendar, a camera to snap photos, an MP3 player for music, and maybe a trusty legal pad to take notes on, not to mention a desktop computer and perhaps a laptop?  Those days of multiple devices are numbered, if not yet completely gone.  Need proof?  Take a look at how iPads have affected laptop sales: NY Times article.

Be aware, then, that any contract that ties you to a certain platform or technology may restrict your ability to adapt and compete in the future.  We are always happy to discuss this with you, and help your business craft a contract (or modify one from a vendor) to protect your interests.

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